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Oy European Wrapping Ltd. /
Tuoremyynti Pitkänen

Mestarintie 17
01730 Vantaa, Finland

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Tuoremyynti Pitkänen

Our company is specialized in Finnish and European wild berries, fruits and mushrooms. We sell fresh products to retailers and end customers. Our juices and jams are produced from our own berries and fruits.

We also import seasonal berries from countries like Spain, The Netherlands and Germany and export our Finnish seasonal wild berries to other countries such as Germany and Estonia. Our mission is to be the connection between the growers/berry pickers and the customers. Please don´t hesitate to ask about our products and what we can offer you.

Most of all we value our own Finnish wild berries which are pure, clean and ecofriendly. Since these berries are not grown but they grow on their own in our vast forests. These berries have been consumed for ages and we wish that to continue today.